Re engineering

Reimagine and reinvent your existing softwares



In the modern age and time, where the aging applications in enterprises are turning obsolete, the experience and knowledge they carry is indispensable. As much as enterprises look forward to building newer applications to leverage latest technologies, it is ideal to not discard legacy applications. With application re-engineering we help businesses develop new cutting edge applications retaining the legacy apps and secure maximum value.

We help businesses re-envision the current application in a new light that can help enterprises meet their objectives,while integrating innovative, flexible state of art application re-engineering methodologies.

How we Help?

Build Efficiency & Optimize Processes

With effective re-engineering on your legacy applications to contemporary platforms with optimized architectures, provides improved viability and adequacy to an organization by eliminating the delay and unessential phases of operations and management.

Build modern UX

Free your applications from out-dated interfaces by redesigning them to modern UI/UX. Incorporate latest design methodologies coupled with psychology-driven UI/UX. Boost user attention, engagement and recall by modernizing your UI/UX according to latest design principles and experiences.

Modernize Legacy Systems

Equip your legacy systems with modern technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Voice Interfaces etc. for smart decision making and graphical data visualization. And redesign the software architecture with modern approaches such as microservices, for increased agility, performance and scalability.

Re-Engineering for Faster Software Rollout

Reengineering is not only a cost effective solution to improve the quality of your products, but also saves a lot of time in the deployment as it involves only reengineering the existing application one to maximize development efficiency.

Support Long Term Application Performance

Our support team monitors the performance of the application. In case of glitches found, the support team shall take care of them and ensure they don’t reoccur. With our re-engineering services, we update your existing architecture and technology stack for optimum efficiency.

Application Re-Engineering Process at Gleecus


Current IT Assessment

We shall provide a complete analysis of your company’s current technologies and environment, followed by the recommendations, that would help enterprises understand how re-engineering would help the business meet their goals and objectives.


Create Re-Engineering Roadmap

As we propose an IT solution post the assessment of the existing legacy systems, we design a reengineering roadmap that is in harmony with the business goals, procuring maximum ROI and eliminating hours of unnecessary documentation, resulting in efficient use of valuable time.


Technology Upgradation & Migration

We undertake the upgradation process of the operating system to an improved environment flawlessly, using our expert migration technologies, without hindering the workings of the existing legacy applications.


User Experience Modernization

We modernize the sub performing interfaces by modernizing the legacy UI/UX , which helps businesses boost both employee retention and effectiveness, user acquisition, revenue growth, drop in maintenance cost and the overall success of your corporation.


Introduce Emerging Technologies to Business

We integrate new technologies to your system to create new modules and expand your applications functionality, automating workflows, improving the user experiences thus in return increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.


Re-Launch & Support

Our IT support team will be at your service as you relaunch the application, monitor performance and proactively respond to any malfunctions or inconsistencies, and resolve those issues instantaneously, without affecting the customer experience.

Looking to re-engineer your IT applications or migrate your legacy systems?

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