CIO Insider recognizes Gleecus TechLabs as One of The 10 Most Recommended Digital Transformation Solutions Providers of 2022

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Gleecus Techlabs is once again recognized as “One of The 10 Most Recommended Digital Transformation Solutions Providers of 2022” by the CIO Insider magazine. It is an honour for us to receive this accolade for the 2nd time after 2019. 

Read the full article on the official CIO Insider magazine on the link below:

Read the excerpts from the interview of our CEO – Suprit Patra below:

Could you give a brief account of Gleecus TechLabs’ impacts in the IT services domain in India?

Gleecus TechLabs Inc is a US-based company with facilities in Virginia and Hyderabad. Our competency is to help start-ups, SMBs and enterprises undergo digital transformation, leveraging the right innovation, technology & experience standard.

Highlight the services and solutions offered by the company.

Gleecus TechLabs is an AWS and Azure Certified Partner offering Cloud Transformations including Cloud Native Engineering, Cloud Migration, DevOps, Infrastructure Monitoring, and building Data Transformations solutions using ETL and ELT Engineering. We also are leaders in providing Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning solutions for our customers and undertake MLOPs management as part of our offerings. We have our in-house AI- powered solutions for Computer Vision, Disease Detection, Pattern Recognition, Document Classification, and Context Detection.

What is the kind of customer experience delivered through your flagship services?

We majorly work with three types of customers, i.e., startups, SMEs, and Enterprises. Our startup customers benefit from our exceptional expertise and several years of experience in Product Development. We help bridge the gap between their product and business using our technology and user experience prowess. 

What’s special about Gleecus TechLabs and why do clients choose you?

Our ethos of going a mile deep with our Consulting and the healthy mix of our business acumen and technology expertise makes our customers choose us as their Digital Transformation partners. Our innovative solutions powered by the right technology stack and user experience have enabled Startups, SMEs, and Enterprises to disrupt their business offerings, automate operations, streamline management, improve customer experience and boost revenues.

 Our Managed Product Labs framework also helps new and existing engineering teams extend their technology workforce. Our core mission to turn our customers to be Digitally Native and Agile businesses for the present and future helps cement their trust in us.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Gleecus TechLabs?  Where is it headed for the next five years?

Since its inception, Gleecus TechLabs Inc has evolved into a Digital Transformation leader in the space of Cloud, AI, Analytics, and Digital Engineering. For our future vision, we are taking a 3 pronged approach.

Firstly we want to go deeper with our customers on their Cloud, AI, and Digital initiatives and help them succeed with the right strategies, models, and solutions. Secondly to identify companies that are running on legacy systems and turn them into Digital Natives of the future. And last but not least, to grow our teams in India and US in a holistic way that can offer 360-degree digital success to our customers while charting out the best possible professional roadmap for them in the organization. We also plan to extend our Physical Locations across the US and UK in the coming years to better serve our global customers.

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