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Smart Teams


The advantages of hiring a virtual team of skilled engineering talent to augment the in-house team are many. It is cost-effective, time-saving, and gets you access to skilled experts without having to build capacity and specific capabilities to your core IT team. At Gleecus, we have dedicated engineering talent trained to adapt to your IT engineering needs and match your team’s internal governance models. While you focus on core activities, our team excels at providing quality IT engineering, takes charge of special projects that require immediate attention and provides efficient support to your core team. Our extended team aims at complementing the in-house team and filling the necessary skills gaps.

How we Help?

Scale up your existing IT team with Remote Augmentation

Businesses can scale up their IT team without having to go through the hassle of searching, interviewing, and training new talent, by collaborating up with our extended team and get qualified, experienced members onboard their products and projects.

Reduce Operational Costs

Hiring a remote team can result in a great deal of cost savings by eliminating several factors such as resources spent on training, bad hire loss, overheads, expensive local talent, project governance costs and the cost of several other staff functions.

Faster Go to Market

Having an experienced team aboard has many advantages, one of them being the faster speed of the product development cycle. You can reduce the time taken for your product to reach the market by hiring well-equipped with highly professional members or build in niche products or platform services which often takes a back seat due to lack of skillsets in core IT teams.

High Performing, On-Demand Technical Expertise

Obtain excellent IT engineering services from a team of seasoned, talented, and technically proficient team of professionals on-demand for projects that need extra resources without actually investing in full-time employees, saving operational cost in the long run.

Complete Transparency and Secured IP protection

We ensure that the Intellectual Property is secured and protected from infringement by signing up a non-disclosure agreement that eliminates any chance for malpractice, thus maintaining transparency with our customers.

Extend with full control and PM peace of mind

Have full control over the process as the Extended Team(Resource) is fully incorporated into your core team and adheres to internal governance. Your PM team can breathe more freely because they are released from a great part of the management load and can focus on things that really need their attention.

External Team Augmentation Process at Gleecus


Define your IT SkillSet and Resource Need

At the outset, analyze the requirements of your projects and the skills required to fill in the talent gap. Create a list of roles needed, and categorize it into in-house skills and external expertise. We make sure that we assist our clients in this initial process of analysis.


Screen the best technical resource

Followed by the analysis, we shall provide the client with the profiles of the candidates that fit the bill, possessing the required talent, after careful curation. The client then performs the screening process to check if the selected experts are suitable for the role and have the required expertise.


Onboarding your ETM

Once the talent(s) is selected, we shall assemble the team and will ensure that the projects assigned to them are executed smoothly from start to finish, with a project manager ensuring smooth collaboration between the teams. We also take care of creating air-tight contracts to move things forward.


On demand scaling and support

In the extended team model we can easily accommodate changes according to project requirements. We can scale up by expanding the team by adding new developers or scale down by dissolving the engineers that are no longer needed with adequate headsup as per contract.

Why choose us for your Remote Resource Augmentations?

High Technical Expertise

You get access to a team of highly skilled, well-versed with the latest technologies, professionally adept developers, analysts, and managers, that have gained technical expertise and work ethics over time, owing to the rich experience of working across various industries.

In-House Resource Pool and OnDemand Remote Augmentation

Depending on workload, project initiatives and engineering roadmaps we can come to your rescue on-demand as an extension for your team, with the workload shared by trained experts, without having to hire full-time employees.

High Emphasis on Resource-Client Communication

We believe that consistent communication with the client plays a pivotal role in the smooth running of a project, keeping both parties on the same page regarding project timelines, budgets, and deliverables, thus eliminating any room for miscommunication.

Timezone Matching/Overlapping Work Hours

During peak times, when employees have to engage in overtime, as a result of the increase in workload, enterprises shall have our extended team to their advantage to reduce their Core IT teams overloads. With a 4-6 Hours of Timezone Overlaps for US and European Times we can ensure that your ET works in cohesion with your internal teams.

Looking to Hire On-demand Technical Resources for your projects or extend your IT teams with peace of mind?

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