Gleecus TechLabs Inc. embarks on European expansion to broaden IT Consulting & Digital Transformation reach

Gleecus expands to Europe

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Cheyenne, WY – Gleecus TechLabs Inc., one of the fastest growing US-based innovative IT Consulting firms, is thrilled to announce its strategic expansion into the European market. This strategic move is in line with our vision to enhance our global footprint and provide unparalleled Digital Transformation solutions to a wider client base.


In that regard the Management Board has strategically onboarded Rodney Martins to spearhead its expansion in the UK and European regions.


As Gleecus expands into the UK and broader European market, Rodney is poised to lead this strategic initiative. With a track record of leadership across diverse sectors, from banking to government, Rodney understands the critical balance of vision, budget, and strategy in project execution. The overarching goal remains unambiguous: establishing Gleecus as the beacon of digital transformation for businesses, ensuring they flourish in this technology-driven era.


The urgency of digital evolution resonates strongly with recent data. A 2022 report by the European Commission showcases that 62% of European businesses identify digital transformation as crucial for their onward journey. Yet, there’s a stark discrepancy: merely 23% of these businesses have anchored themselves with a clear digital strategy. Further insight from the European Investment Bank substantiates this golden opportunity, noting that 55% of European companies are set on investing in new technologies, spanning cloud computing to data analytics, in the forthcoming year.


Mirroring this, while 81% of UK enterprises recognise the indispensability of digital transformation, a mere 29% have harnessed a clear roadmap to actualise this.


Such gaps aren’t mere voids; they’re clear calls. Armed with proficiency in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and technology development, Gleecus stands ready to guide UK and European businesses. The aim? To illuminate their digital journey, enabling them to wield technology’s transformative prowess, ensuring a commanding global presence.


In this evolving landscape, with the need for digital leadership, Gleecus is committed to making UK and European businesses not just future-adaptive but trailblazers in their fields.


CIOReview recognizes Gleecus



CIOReview has rated Gleecus TechLabs as one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution Providers in 2021 and 2022.


Gleecus TechLabs has built a strong reputation for delivering top-notch IT services, focusing on Cloud, Data, Product Engineering, AI Consulting and Talent Augmentation. Our team of skilled professionals is excited to collaborate with European businesses and contribute to their success by leveraging our expertise and experience in Digital Innovation and our partnerships with AWS, Microsoft and Databricks is an added certification of our merit.


“Our expansion into the UK & Europe represents another milestone for Gleecus TechLabs. Our years of appreciated service to North American clients is a testimony to our customer success stories and extending into Europe with the same quality of service is going to be exciting. We are ready to forge new partnerships, cultivate meaningful relationships, and drive innovation by offering our high-quality IT and product engineering capabilities to businesses in the European region” said Mr. Suprit Patra – CEO at Gleecus TechLabs Inc.


The European market offers immense potential for growth and collaboration, and Gleecus is poised to make a lasting impact by providing tailored IT solutions exploiting the cross-industry experience of unique needs and challenges that businesses face across industries.


“Our key management including myself have significant experience in Europe having graduated from Lund University, Sweden and worked across the UK, Netherlands, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, and Italy. We look forward to bringing this environmental knowledge to deliver impactful digital transformation and operations support solutions to our current and future customers” said Mr. Shivaji Sengupta – CSO at Gleecus TechLabs Inc.


EIN presswire covered our UK expansion news.

About Gleecus TechLabs Inc.


Gleecus TechLabs Inc. is a Forward Thinking Digital Innovation partner for clients ranging from Enterprises, SMBs and Startups. With a strong focus on Cloud, Data, Product Engineering, AI and Talent Augmentation, we have been at the forefront of driving innovation and delivering high-quality solutions to our clients. Our expansion into Europe is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional IT services on a global scale.


For media inquiries, please contact:


Shivaji Sengupta 

Chief Strategy & Customer Success Officer

[email protected]


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