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“User experience (UX) has gone mainstream: Companies now invest millions to build design centers and hire UX teams. A well-designed user interface could raise your digital conversion rate by up to 200%, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400%.”



Information Architecture Mapping

The art and science of Information Architecture (IA) is often ignored in the UX and development process. But not at Gleecus.

We use effective IA Mapping as a base to our UX and Development Life Cycle. Either it is Swim Lanes, Mind-Maps, Card-Sorting or Workflow Diagrams, we make it a point to use it as a kick-off to our UX Stage.

Information Architecture Mapping
UX Wireframing

UX Wireframing

Begining bare-bones wireframes is like second nature to us. We sometimes just use the traditional pen-paper style to accelerate this step.

Using Design Sprints and LEAN UX methodology with a deep focus on user journeys, we create UX wireframes and sometimes clickable low-fidelity prototypes for our development and customer teams to validate.

Style Guide

It is often easy to get lost in visual design styles while developing the UI for a product. Creating a Visual Style Guide early on by testing on a few screens gives both the design and the development teams to focus on the Design Direction of the project.

We can then use this as a hand-book to follow throughout the application. Sometimes our developers play the designer with this.

visual style guide
UI and Interaction Design

User Interface and Interaction Design

UI and Interaction Design are often regarded as “cosmetic effects without an ROI” step. At Gleecus, we beg to differ. Our philosophy states that a clean,empathetic and emotional design can help users achieve more with your products and services and increase your CX manifolds.

Creating pixel-perfect, beautiful and intuitive interfaces is our day-job.


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