• How Enterprises are capitalizing chatbots.
  • How consumer sentiment is changing for messaging enabled businesses.
  • Predicted use-cases for Chatbots.
  • Major Industries that are adopting Chatbots and effects.
  • Common challenges for Chatbot implementations.
  • 4 Steps to consider while creating a Chatbot.

About Gleecus

Gleecus is created with a very simple idea. To understand PEOPLE. To understand what they need, what they want, what they would love to have, what would excite them. This understanding should lead us to deliver with an avant-garde quality.
We are also a PEOPLE FIRST organization which means that we value the people at Gleecus with utmost reason and give them the freedom and ability to creatively express themselves in work and more.
FORWARD THINKING is at the core of our business values, our consulting approach and our internal workforce. We believe that empathetic, intelligent digital systems if built with a forward thinking ideology, can serve the greater good of human lives.

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