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Managed Product Labs is a Business Model Framework for creating a dedicated offshore Product Development Team consisting of Product Management, Engineering, Product Design, DevOps & Support. Customers envisioning building a new product and maintaining the innovation cycle with a dedicated offshore unit without sacrificing their time, effort and resources from their Business & Sales functions can leverage MPL(Managed Product Labs).

The key advantage is the hassle free product development, management, innovation and custom methodologies that drive your product through success year after year without you having to break a sweat for it.

How we Help?

Reducing costs by up to 50%

As the need for new infrastructure and hiring new talent onboard is little to none, the overall costs of operations plummet drastically. Thus outsourcing an offshore team helps organizations reduce costs up to 50% in contrast to building a team from scratch on site.

Get the best from your existing team

Get high-quality procedures, documentation, and structured strategies designed by our team at Gleecus and bring out the best in your existing team by utilizing the latest technologies and guidance to operate them by collaborating with us.

Get Your product to market faster

With our team of talented and highly experienced engineers on board, enterprises can rest assured that their products will reach the market much faster without any delays and on time completion of the development cycle.

Meet any gap in your skillset

With access to a pool of developers in an offshore team, having substantial experience up their sleeve, companies can bridge any gap in skill-set, by working in cooperation with and gaining valuable insights from seasoned professionals.

Focus on your core business

As the offshore team takes care of the assigned outlined tasks, the company management is left with more time and resources in house to focus on internal strengths, allowing the staff to concentrate on their primary responsibilities and design a future strategy.

Leverage the time gap

Keep the production active around the clock with an offshore team actively working in the other half of the day with the offshore team located in a different time zone, thus enhancing productivity and acquiring IT support and customer service 24/ 7.

Customer Interview - VigeoDash

When Eduardo J Guimbarda and Nagarajan Sankrithi set out to build VigeoDash with the vision of building an AI-powered SAAS based Business Intelligence Platform for PAC(Post Acute Care) healthcare businesses, Gleecus TechLabs team partnered along. View an exclusive interview with the VigeoDash team to know the vision behind the product and how our Managed Product Labs team helped them realise it.

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Product Management

  • Laboratory research Product Research
  • Direction road map Feature Roadmap
  • Backlog Development Sprint Plan
  • Manager Program Management

Product Design & UX

  • 3d-modeling Usability Engineering (UX)
  • User Interface Design (UID)_icon User Interface Design (UID)
  • design-thinking Design Ops

Product Engineering

  • 3d-modeling Architecture & Tech Stack
  • application Code Development
  • qa Quality Testing
  • data-center Deployment/Cloud Management
  • operational-system Tech OPS

Innovation Lab

  • features Feature Innovation
  • project-management POC Development
  • analysis Data Analytics
  • innovation AI Driven Product Innovation

Team Operations

  • management Team Management
  • recruitment Human Resource
  • jigsaw_processing_business_information_piece_icon (1) Knowledge Management
  • training Team UpSkilling

Managed Product Lab vs Onshore Development Team?

  • Cost Savings of more than 50%
  • Faster Product Rollout
  • Rapid Feature Innovation & POCs
  • Single Point Program & Tech Management
  • Free of Cost Knowledge Retention
  • Complete Transparency & Control
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