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Our Product Consulting service enables your capacity to innovate and execute to deliver new products to the market faster. Our years of experience building new products for our customers positions us in the right place to guide you through your Product Development journey, taking you step by step from a Concept to MVP to Final Product in a controlled and defined process.

How we Help?

Create your product concept

Accounting for your ideas and vision, we help you design the product concept that leans on the product concept, address the problem areas, draft an analysis, create drawings and prototype, followed by user acceptance testing.

Prototype your Product Concept

We guide you through the process of creating a MVP Prototype, which will help you do your market research, gauge the user experience, and gather feedback and shortcomings before jumping to the final stage of product design & development.

Reduce your risks

We help our clients minimize their exposure to loss by identifying the areas of risks and create a development strategy that provides a framework for creating new products or improving the performance, cost or quality of existing products.

Speed up time to market

Our Lean Product Development Strategy steers you clear from redundant decision-making, overarching processes and resulting in a faster product rollout. We also help in defining a light-weight Product Management Plan that puts all teams on the same page and reduces time to market for your features and updates.

Enhance your existing products

Reviewing the lifecycle of your existing product and evaluating the stages at which your product is, our experts can determine what methodology and technology can be used to disrupt new business opportunities and increase revenue.

Product Consulting Process at Gleecus

Our expert product design team lives and breathes your concept – gaining insights from key stakeholders and the market at large, so you can develop your idea with confidence.


Analysis and Scoping

Performing a deep dive business analysis of your business/product concept, market research, our product consulting team gets acquainted with the larger product vision in place. This helps us define the products objectives and prepare the delivery schedule.


Workshops and Prototyping

We conduct comprehensive workshops with all key stakeholders aboard, taking note of their requirements and use-cases, and then design a product prototype for a usability test with your end-users.This is where we guide you in identifying the possible obstacles and define solution architecture.


Identifying the best Technology and Development fit

With the use of our extensive workshop research we define your project implementation timeline, estimate your development budget and define the best team to facilitate your end vision. We also define the base technical architecture to match your product vision from a technical standpoint and in terms of scalability, performance and stability.


Building beyond MVP. Building your MSP.

With the product vision in mind we just dont stick to building your MVP(Minimum Viable Product) but take it forward by building the MSP(Minimum Sellable Product) that can get you beyond just proof of concept and into the market with a first dollar revenue opportunity.

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Gleecus TechLabs is awarded numerous times in the areas of Digital Transformation, IT Consulting and Top Digital Agency by respected and renowned research agencies across the globe

CIO Review says we are one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution Providers in 2022.
Goodfirms featured an exclusive interview with our CEO - Mr. Suprit Patra
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