Quality Assurance Services

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We provide end-to-end quality assurance and reliable testing services that are safe and effective and in sync with the client’s needs. Our custom designed QA assurance frameworks, tried and tested methodologies, mitigate the client’s technical and business risks.

We facilitate the speeding of the reach of the software to the market, making it cost-effective with our highly meticulous software testing services. Our end-to-end testing of the infrastructure, applications and data ensures a bug free delivery to the end users.

How we Help?

Create a Quality Testing Strategy

We strive to create a quality testing strategy that outlines all the necessary stages like the test objective, test environment, test approach, automation tools and strategy, contingency plan, and risk analysis.

Ensure Application & Infrastructure Performance

With the implementation of monitoring and analytics to identify and resolve risks, loopholes, and back doors that can compromise the security of your infrastructure, we ensure the seamless and consistent performance.

Leverage the value out of Automation

We provide complete automation of the testing process, eliminating the risks of human errors which in turn reduces the cost of a failure. An automated QA process serves to detect mistakes fast and fix them before the release.

Enable Faster Software Rollout

The automated test sets run many times faster than manual testing. Moreover, they can run simultaneously, on various browsers and platforms, speeding up the delivery process, and allowing you to launch the product fast.

Ensure Software Compliance

By performing an audit known as Compliance Testing, we validate whether the system developed meets the organization’s prescribed standards, procedure, and guidelines, at every stage, ensuring the completeness of the project.

Quality Analysis Process at Gleecus


Assess Business & Application Use Cases

We evaluate the businesses performance to understand the software requirements clearly, performing an analysis that clarifies the functional and non-functional software requirements that are coherent, traceable and testable.


Create an End to End Test Strategy

Our end-to-end test strategy involves the planning of the test strategy that covers the scope, budget, resources and timelines, followed by a test design that outlines the test data, and steps required to validate the software functionality.


Create Test Scenarios and Coverage

With testing coverage we measure the amount of testing performed by a set of test, to identify meaningless test cases that do not increase coverage and Finding the area of a requirement not implemented by a set of test cases.


Create Test Environments

With test environments consisting of all the necessary setup, we enable you to create identical environments every time you need to test your product and obtain accurate feedback about the quality and behavior of the application under test.


Introduce Automation Testing for your Software

With optimization of speed and accuracy, the tests can run 24/7 eliminating the need to write extensive scripts, which can also be reused, and detection of bugs takes place simultaneously which results in shorter development cycles.


Implement Continuous Integration Testing

Our developers continuously integrate code into a shared repository frequently, preferably several times a day to be verified by automated tests, which aids in detecting errors quickly and locating them easily, thus saving time.

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