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Businesses today are no longer walking the traditional IT route, but are rerouting to cloud storage for improved outcomes. Cloud computing business can secure remote access to computing, storage, and networking resources within your data center or through a public cloud service provider. We help businesses establish the right cloud strategy that befits the business’s ecosystem and assist with adoption of cloud-first technology, overcoming initial barriers. Cloud technology not only grants flexibility but also gives a competitive advantage to businesses.

Our Startup Development Services

Our expert team of Business Analysts, Technical Architects, Developers, QA Engineers and UX designers are experienced in building niche and custom Startup Products and integrations to help them achieve success and boost performance and agility.


Concept Level

Every successful product starts with an idea that the founders come up with. It’s an idea that is trying to solve a unique or recurring problem of the customer. At this stage however it can get overwhelming for founders to define the problem statement well with a well thought out development roadmap that matches the short term and long term vision and goals. This is where our experts step in to define the product market fit and how to define a short term and long term technical and product roadmap.

Solutions we offer:

Product Discovery Blueprint

Product-Market Fit Evaluation

Design Thinking Exercise and UX workshop

Low Fidelity UX Workflows

Business Analysis Exercise


From Concept To Mvp Or Msp

At Level 2 where the concept is well defined and the long term and short term goals are defined, it’s time to get the product to its P1 stage. Whether building a MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to get it into the hands of beta users/early stage investors or taking it to the next level of building the MSP(Minimum Sellable Product) to earn your first paying customers, we have you covered.

Solutions we offer:

Technical Architecture Development

Tech Stack Evaluation

High Fidelity UI Prototype

MVP and MSP Development on Web and Mobile

Project Management


Scaling It In Production

Once a product is through its MVP and MSP stages, it’s time to make it production ready and scale with demand. Scaling a product technology environment can happen both Horizontally and Vertically. In other words we help our Startup customers go mile deep and inch wide with their production level solutions.

Solutions we offer:

Microservices and Serverless Development

Cloud Optimization

UX Modernization

Re-engineering/Re-factoring Code for Production

Product and Program Management

DevOps and CI/CD

Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

QA at Scale


Innovation & Growth Stage

In the Innovation & Growth Stage a Startup deals with the challenges of adopting modern tech to add value to the business and their users. It also deals with scaling up their engineering teams faster and filling the talent gap without having to break the bank. This is where we come in.

Solutions we offer:

AI and MLOps


Data Analytics

L2 and L3 Support

Staff Augmentation

Managed Product Labs

Managed Product Labs is a Business Model Framework for creating a dedicated offshore Product Development Team consisting of Product Management, Engineering, Product Design, DevOps & Support. Customers envisioning building a new product and maintaining the innovation cycle with a dedicated offshore unit without sacrificing their time, effort and resources from their Business & Sales functions can leverage MPL(Managed Product Labs).

The key advantage is the hassle free product development, management, innovation and custom methodologies that drive your product through success year after year without you having to break a sweat for it.

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Product Management

Product Design

Product Engineering

Innovation Lab

Team Management

Startup Success Stories

Built a V1 Centralised App to App Data Ingestion platform

for a major US-based publisher. The complete solution was built as a centralised middleware on AWS leveraging AWS API Gateway, Step Functions, Lambda, AWS SQS, RDS, CloudWatch, S3, AWS IAM, and AWS CloudFormation.

Migrated CappsureIt core product

from JSF to Java Springboot and SOA Architecture. Completely automated their software release with Github, Jenkins and QA with Selenium, Jmeter and PostMan.

Launched a custom Ecommerce Platform

for a European customer leveraging Azure, Microservices, Python, ReactJs. Platform was load and performance tested with 2 million products and 10k concurrent checkouts.

Built the iOS Agent App

for Providence Mutual that helps Agents manage Claims and Policy Transactions, Self Inspection Reports and Company News

Built and deployed a Paperless Conveyer Audit app

on company owned Android Tablets for Tega Industries. The digital audit app helped in increasing Audit Efficiency, reduced TAT for issue identification and faster solution rollout to end customers.

Built the first Hyperlocal platform

of India – Mapprr to find and buy great products locally. Their B2B Business got acquired by Rapido in 2020.

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