Throwback 2020 – Digital Transformation & Top Tech Trend Highlights

digital transformation trends

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The global outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a paradigm shift in a spectrum of industries on the tech front, owing to the changing nature of working conditions and surge in contact-free services. Companies are adapting to the changes by adopting new technologies, undergoing digital transformation. The year 2020 witnessed a reform in the dynamics of the workflows in companies altered to suit the ongoing impediments. It has triggered an acceleration in various avenues for technological advancements that can enable seamless remote customer engagement and services. This infographic summarizes the highlights of the past year in the context of the digital discourses observed in companies globally and the boom in top tech trends in industry domains.

Throwback 2020 - Digital Transformation & Tech Trends

Throwback 2020 – Digital Transformation & Tech Trends

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