Throwback 2022 – Looking back at the year of Digital Disruptions!

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Year 2022 was unique in terms of technology adoption, changing work culture, and remarkable advancements in an ever-growing digital world. We saw how AI use cases for businesses became mainstream and Automation continued to be the differentiator for business agility. We saw an increased interest in the adoption of Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud by various small and large businesses to cautiously manage their workloads, data and apps, while continuing their digital transformation journey. We also saw an increased demand for tech talent hurdled by the Great Resignation wave. To cut costs and have scalability companies also embraced XaaS or Everything-As-A-Service models.  Telemedicine and Telehealth continue to be the in-demand Health Tech trend.

To know more about such Digital Disruptions of 2022, view our latest Throwback 2022 infographics below.

Throwback 2022



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