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With a goal to create impressive, smooth and functional experiences for the end user, our team of UX experts create digital experiences that are a delight to both perceive and operate. Our high end design is the result of a coalition between some of the most imaginative and brilliant minds that come together to conjure up a flawless experience for the user. The end product is conceived after extensive user- research, prototyping and implementing the latest trends and technologies.

How we Help?

Establish the right UX process

We can help enterprises stimulate organizational growth and undergo an internal transformation by leveraging agile methodology and adopting a customer-centric approach, in alignment with the business objectives.

Discover new business opportunities

Our UX consultants foresee the larger picture for your business and help you unlock full potential by tapping into areas unexplored before opening gates to more opportunities and discovering unknown issues.

Create exceptional user experiences

We perform an in- depth analysis of your existing product, conduct one-to-one research to understand how end users interact with your digital touchpoints and observe the analytics and come up with solutions that improve existing products.

Improve the UX maturity of your company

Gleecus helps you evaluate the current market state vs the worthiness of investment in specific emerging technologies. If the technology won’t add real business value yet, we help you plan for when the time is right and there’s a viable use-case or resource-saving potential.

Increase ROI

Our user experience consultants advise on how enterprises can measure the effectiveness of UX design by taking into consideration several important parameters and improving your product’s business performance.

Stages of Our UX Design Process

UX studio can bring a set of fresh eyes to your company and help you get a holistic overview of your product development process. Our UI UX consultants will introduce UX methods to your teams through customized training and workshops to help you level up your business performance. Here is an overview of our user experience consulting services.


Information Architecture Mapping

The art and science of Information Architecture (IA) is often ignored in the UX and development process. But not at Gleecus. We use effective IA Mapping as a base to our UX and Development Life Cycle. Either it is Swim Lanes, Mind-Maps, Card-Sorting or Workflow Diagrams, we make it a point to use it as a kick-off to our UX Stage.


UX Wireframing

Begining bare-bones wireframes is like second nature to us. We sometimes just use the traditional pen-paper style to accelerate this step. Using Design Sprints and LEAN UX methodology with a deep focus on user journeys, we create UX wireframes and sometimes clickable low-fidelity prototypes for our development and customer teams to validate.


Style Guide

It is often easy to get lost in visual design styles while developing the UI for a product. Creating a Visual Style Guide early on by testing on a few screens gives both the design and the development teams to focus on the Design Direction of the project. We can then use this as a hand-book to follow throughout the application. Sometimes our developers play the designer with this.


User Interface and Interaction Design

UI and Interaction Design are often regarded as “cosmetic effects without an ROI” step. At Gleecus, we beg to differ. Our philosophy states that a clean,empathetic and emotional design can help users achieve more with your products and services and increase your CX manifolds. Creating pixel-perfect, beautiful and intuitive interfaces is our day-job.

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