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Digital Innovation


Gleecus TechLabs is a member of APN (AWS Partner Network) and has successfully delivered 100+ solutions on AWS for our customers for Enterprises and SMBs alike. Our team of highly qualified AWS Practitioners help customers migrate their workload and apps to AWS, reduce their TCO with modern Cloud Native Engineering, Microservices, Containerization and integrate end to end cloud operations monitoring tools. We also help our customers with a modern DevOps pipeline and build tool sets on AWS.

How we Help?

AWS Migration Services

We help our customers migrate their WorkLoads and Data seamlessly from on-prem data centers to AWS leveraging modern data ingestion and transformation technologies and in-built security practices of AWS. We also help our customers migrate their data and applications from Azure and GCP to AWS or adopt a Hybrid Cloud implementation.

AWS Cloud Native Development

We help modernize our customers’ business processes and applications with a cloud-first approach leveraging on AWS service offerings. Implementations on Microservices, Containerization, and Serverless Computing boost on-demand scaling, operational efficiency, and reducing overall TCO on the cloud and get a higher ROI of their cloud infrastructure.

DevOps and Automated Deployments on AWS

We design and help implement effective CI/CD pipelines on AWS for fast and safe code delivery ensuring reliability and resilience. We help our customers with modern DevOps Tooling and Automated Build deploys leveraging AWS and open source technologies.

Infrastructure & Application Monitoring on AWS

We integrate AWS infrastructure monitoring services on our customers’ servers, apps, functions, databases and containers to collect, triage, and monitor metrics, logs and events with custom alerts and generate business insights.

EAI and MLOps on AWS

We help our Customers to extract, annotate and train large-scale data sets, create custom ML models, and deploy them at scale with AWS. We manage the lifecycle of an ML model at scale with SageMaker MLOps and Terraform.

AWS Staff Augmentation

Our years of deep expertise in AWS services enables us to identify the right and vetted talent on AWS practice and help augment our customers IT teams onsite and offshore with Certified AWS Engineering staff.


AWS Cloud Evaluation Exercise

Our AWS Cloud Evaluation exercise analyzes your cloud infrastructure, applications and TCO to suggest areas of improvements and modernization to help you reduce your cloud costs, accelerate development and improve business applications resiliency and performance.


Our Success Stories with AWS

Built a V1 Centralised App to App Data Ingestion platform for a major US-based publisher. The complete solution was built as a centralized middleware on AWS leveraging AWS API Gateway, Step Functions, Lambda, AWS SQS, RDS, CloudWatch, S3, AWS IAM, and AWS CloudFormation.

Built an end-to-end ML Data Pipeline, custom ML models based on Sales Prediction and Inventory Stock Up-Stock Down decision making for a major US-based publisher. Deployed and managed the entire MLOps Pipeline and Automation on AWS for production scale use.

Built an automated moderation platform for an Image sharing platform using Amazon Recognition and custom Computer Vision solutions to screen for content with Nudity, Copyrighted Images, and Blasphemy.

Looking to adopt Cloud Native Engineering or implement complete DevOps and Infrastructure Monitoring on your AWS ?

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Awards & Recognition

Gleecus TechLabs is awarded numerous times in the areas of Digital Transformation, IT Consulting and Top Digital Agency by respected and renowned research agencies across the globe

CIO Review says we are one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution Providers in 2022.
Goodfirms featured an exclusive interview with our CEO - Mr. Suprit Patra
We were featured in the Insights Success magazine with an exclusive interview of our CEO