Customer Interview – VigeoDash

Customer Interview - VigeoDash

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VigeoDash – an AI based SAAS Healthcare Business Intelligence Platform was created by and for home healthcare professionals to resolve challenges around operational efficiency around all aspects of the Post-Acute Care Continuum (PACC). With a custom approach, it enables the convergence of multiple platforms into one dashboard. The unique solution extracts, translates and loads electronic healthcare record data that leads to improved operational throughput.

Recently the Gleecus TechLabs team had an opportunity to speak at length with Eduardo J Guimbarda, CEO and Nagarajan Sankrithi, CIO the two key visionaries behind the VigeoDash platform talking about how the platform was envisioned, built and it future roadmap and how our Managed Product Labs is helping build the vision.


Watch the full interview below:

Excerpts from the Interview

Q: Introduction of Eduardo J Guimbarda, MBA, MHA President & CEO – VigeoDash ?

A: “I am from San Antonio,TX. For thirty years I have been in the post-acute care space in the healthcare industry “ –  Eduardo


Q: Introduction for Nagarajan Sankrithi, PhD, MHA, CIO – VigeoDash?

A: “I’ve been in the different sectors of healthcare space for the last twenty years. Primarily in the drug discovery space and healthcare intelligence. My primary role has been to provide the right informatics to aid in the process of discovery of small molecules and biologics. I have also been in the public health space in the US.” – Nagarajan


Q: Can you talk about the product overview of VigeoDash?

A: “Over thirty years we found a lot of difficulty with changes in healthcare reimbursements and changes in compliances from the federal and the state governments. With these changes come pain-points in operations, and EHRs in today’s world cannot keep up with those changes in reimbursement and compliances.  Hence we developed a technology company and a SAAS based product called VigeoDash that brings the data and operational intelligence and deal with the above said compliances and bring in operational efficiencies.

There are opportunities for us to, consult with other post-acute care operators and help them with their operational intelligence and changes in reimbursement and compliance” – Eduardo


“This product has been battle tested for the last two years, addressing the real challenges that we face in the secondary care hospice business , and now it’s in the market place to help other operators leverage the same benefits.” – Nagarajan


Q: How VigeoDash is helping homecare services businesses

A: “VigeoDash is an operational intelligence platform. When we say operational intelligence platform we are saying, …it’s everything from beginning to referrals, to clinical management, …to revenue collection…, and patient care” – Nagarajan

“The current problem we face with EMR solution is …there are many things that are missing…, we want to make our operational managers efficient in all aspects of the business and they are interconnected, and they need quick and readily available information, KPI driven, thereby they can see trends and make decisions that impact the business” – Nagarajan

“They need all of the information but it’s distributed in the EMR and they have to run a lot of different ports…, and that’s what we’ve solved at VigeoDash” – Nagarajan


Q: Vision of VigeoDash – What the future holds?

A: “What Vigeodash allows us to do is collect the data from all of the different technology stacks and give us the data readily available and be agile enough to be able to proactively set workflows and standards to alleviate some of the pain points in achieving total operational efficiency in hospice business. Our futute holds the promise of bringing in close integrations with different players in the EHR, EMR, Billing and Healthcare Insurance space.” – Eduardo


Q: How the Managed Product Labs team at Gleecus TechLabs helped in the journey of VigeoDash?

A: “When we started we were on a low-code platform and we soon realised we needed to move to a full stack development environment. And we were looking out for a technology partner to take us from where we were to a full product. Gleecus TechLabs have helped us move from where we were and with their dedicated Managed Product Labs team which helped us innovate continuously and add new features while delivering current business needs and manage that evolution very well.” – Nagarajan


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