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Mapprr Case Study

The Hyper-Retail Segment Disruption

The Hyper-Retail segment is constantly changing as more and more retailers continue to adapt to changing consumer demands. Consumers being the focus at the center stage in their relationship with retailers and are expecting their in-store experience to compliment and work with e-commerce experience. India and other Asian Countries has been a front-runner in this space as well.

The number of digital buyers in Asia Pacific is projected to pass the one billion mark for the first time in 2018.

Digital Shopping Carts has brought in a seismic shift in the segment and businesses are trying to tap into its potential to expand their footprints.

But Digital Shopping brought in its own share of problems.

Consumers have lost the “in-hand feel” of products before a purchase. The stories of failures in delivery, longer wait-times, unreliability of product quality has added fuel to the fire.

Amidst all this the major disadvantage landed with our local merchants and the regular “Mom and Pop” shops.

But Hyper-Local is catching up! And Mapprr had their idea in place.

According to a study, hyperlocal market revenue in India saw a 41% growth in 2015 when compared to previous year.

The Mapprr team realised this potential that Hyper-Local Commerce can bring.

Mapprr envisioned to be a disruptor in Hyper-Local space by providing a simplified yet holistic solution to enhance the shopping experience for both Local Merchants and Consumers. At its core, Mapprr provides a Store Management Platform for Local Merchants to manage Multiple Stores and Products across categories and Local Product Search and Discovery Platform for Consumers.

Gleecus TechLabs came with the solution

The Mapprr Product Idea and its execution had its fair share of challenges.

Gleecus, with its expertise in the industry, developed the Mobile Strategy for Mapprr and helped to bring the product fastest to the market.

The roadmap ahead is to leverage on the robust platform and build Inventory Management, Mobile POS(Point-of-Sale), Cart Systems, Product Recommendation Intelligence and Rewards Management to complete the loop and enhance the experience further.

To define how we got Mapprr to its kick-start, we went ahead and wrote a simple yet detailed Case Study. Go ahead and give it a read.

Download the Case Study Here.

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