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We provide a gamut of value-driven digital healthcare solutions that help healthcare organizations augment their output efficiency, modernize operations, improve patient care, and enhance telemedicine. With a robust experience in areas such as mob...


With the power of digital transformation and innovative solutions, retailers can provide customers enhanced services, new channels for engagement and sales, and measure this customer interaction for a better understanding of the market demands and...


We help enterprises digitize the core manufacturing processes and remote operations management, bringing a transformation in their manufacturing landscape. With powerful innovation and high-end technology, businesses discover new opportunities and...


We help education institutions undergo a digital transformation by integrating machine learning, adapt to the fast-paced environment of e-learning, and expand horizons of teaching and learning. Our solutions aim at increasing student performances ...

Banking and Finance

As banks, insurers, and other financial institutions seek to provide their customers an uninterrupted and satisfying experience, our team focuses on creating a smooth customer experience accentuated with personalized products and services. Our sol...

Media & Entertainment

We provide solutions for content companies to build customer 360 platforms that offer personalized services, implement media supply chains in the cloud for agility and flexibility, and streamline media operations our idea is to accelerate customer...

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Gleecus TechLabs is awarded numerous times in the areas of Digital Transformation, IT Consulting and Top Digital Agency by respected and renowned research agencies across the globe

CIO Review says we are one of the Top 10 Digital Transformation Solution Providers in 2022.
Goodfirms featured an exclusive interview with our CEO - Mr. Suprit Patra
We were featured in the Insights Success magazine with an exclusive interview of our CEO